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android commercial: *proves that they’re better than iphones in every way possible*

me: …and?


its done…

personal experience, friend.





Okay no. I’m not okay with this. I’m an extremist when it comes to equality and human rights for the lgbtq community seeing as how I’m a part of it. But I do not ever in any circumstance condone saying or wearing “I hate straight people” across my chest. But I’m true to my statement on human rights, which means you can say whatever the fuck you want. But, seriously? There are millions of impressionable kids out there that are afraid to come out, they’re afraid people will hate them for their sexual orientation. They’re afraid of their parents reactions and in many cases, their parents abuse. SO HOW. Is it ever acceptable to say/wear this? Just because straight people are the majority of this society, does not ever make it okay to oppress them. The lgbtq community is constantly looked over, ignored, and abused. We know how it feels. We go through it every day. Stepping to a lower level and hating all heterosexuals won’t make it better. It only perpetuates the issue at hand, for both sides.


WOW IF I HAD AN I HATE GAY PEOPLE SHIRT IM SURE I WOULD PROBABLY BE BURNED AT THE STAKE AND ARRESTED FOR DISCRIMANTION AND HOMOPHOBIC BEHAVIOUR BUT YOU FUCKIN DICK SUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS DO IT AND ITS FUNNY AND HAHAHAH, i hope all straight people die out u no, i hope one day all the straight people die out, and it’s just gay people left. and then all the gay people will go OHH NO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?? WE CANT PROCREATE BECAUSE WE”REEE GAYYY!! OH NO WE NEED STRAIGHT PEOPLE BACK!! BRING THE STRAIGHT PEOPLE BACK”“”!!! and then we will all be in heaven laughing at ur ugly asses who are incapable of doing JACK SHIT because u dont have us lovely straight flawless humans here to continue on with the human race :D so PLEASE explain to me how u can POSSIBLY hate straight people, when the people who BROUGHT YOU INTO THE WORLD were straight. and the some of the people that PAY UR WAGES ARE GONNA BE STRAIGHT so please go back to ur little cry baby ass hole and have a little sob about how ur a minority oh what a shame, and then come back out of ur shitty little hole and be a grown ass adult because im sure a lot of people looked at ur shitty little rhianna gif, rolled their eyes and scrolled down because you know you’re so in the wrong about ur fuckking opinion that you didn’t even have ANYTHING to say to that persons essay on what a shitty post this is, it’s not only discrimination but it’s heterophobic and fucking rude and you need to get ur shit together because undoubtedly someone gonna beat ur ass for being a weak pussy at some point in life when all u have to say to someones relevant facts is a motherfucking gif of a popstar



Marilyn knew what was up


"h-heh hay, I get it!  Sleeping Beauty! either you’re really getting in touch with your feminine side or the hypnosis is working!"

no, he’s just really in touch with his feminine side.


@alexandriawag: ARE U KIDDING ME


This song was half written by Louis. When did Harry and Louis meet? When they were 16. Who’s one of the most wanted(sexually) men in the world? Harry styles. Who’s super protective? Louis. Who’s parents call Louis love and son? Harry’s. What did both Harry and Louis have the dream of? Children, making albums and singing. What is this world? Not something I deserve to be in while Harry and Louis’s love exists.